“TM Plastics' total commitment and engineering excellence has increased our annual yield considerably, by providing rapid quality parts.”

“Price, quality and lead time sets TM Plastics apart from all our previous suppliers”

“We no longer need to rely on the OEM late deliveries”

Recent News

Change part design

TM Plastics Ltd has completed 2 years of research into change part design and has collaborated with a partner company to provide an unbeatable design & machining service.


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TM Plastics Ltd has vast amounts of knowledge in guarding, and we are part of maintenance programs with several of our customers. Allowing any company to be serviced within their shut down period.


We can either perform an on-site survey, thus allowing us to ‘deliver and fit’, if this can not be achieved we have the facility to cut, form and fit on location.

TM Plastics Ltd also has the facility to supply and fit all steel work associated with the guarding.

We understand the importance for personal and product protection and have dedicated extensive efforts to supply an efficient and quality service.

Bespoke guarding solutions are also part of our service, and with our growing respect in this field we are expanding our resources to meet the ever increasing customer needs.

Please use our contact page to send any enquiry you may have.